Townhall on Labour

Please join us on Wednesday, September 2nd at 7pm for our latest in the series of virtual town halls called “Labour Days: Moving Forward in the Age of Covid-19”.

Every year, Labour Day is an opportunity for workers and the labour movement to reflect on our gains and look ahead to how we can help create a fairer society. This year, however, many planned celebrations across the country, including the Labour Day picnic in Guelph, will look a lot differently.

Covid-19 has brought forward its share of challenges for workers including new threats to a safe working environment and stable employment. In other ways, it has allowed society to reflect on the value of all workers, drawn closer attention to marginalized workers, and allowed us to envision a more equitable world.

Over the next few days, we’ll be providing more information on our guest speakers and a link to the meeting. We hope to see you there.

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